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Commercial Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Services

Carlson Mechanical is located in Rocky Point, New York, and we offer professional commercial refrigeration installation and air-conditioning services and repairs to local clients around the clock. As with our heating services, you can count on quick assistance provided with a smile whenever you call.

Refrigeration Service
Many of our commercial clients rely on us to install their wine cellars, ice machines, and walk-in refrigerators. In fact, we help maintain refrigeration systems in a number of local school districts. Carlson Mechanical also installs refrigeration systems for residential clients; if you intend to do a lot of entertaining, we happily build and set up your wine cellar.

Air-Conditioning Service, Commercial Refrigeration in Rocky Point, NY

Expert A/C Repair & Maintenance
Our team of HVAC professionals deals with all forms of air-conditioning systems. Here is a sample checklist of common services we are happy to offer:

• Checking Refrigerant Charge
• Tightening All Electrical Connections
• Checking Cleanliness of Evaporator
  & Condenser Coils & Doing
  Necessary Cleaning
• Adding Chemical Treatments to Condensate
  Drains & Pans To Prevent Slime, Algae,
  & Scale Growth
• Installing a Union in the Primary Condensate
  Drain to Facilitate Easy Cleaning
• Clearing All Condensate Drains with
  Pressurized Gas
• Cleaning & Checking the Operation of
  Condensate Pumps



• Changing & Cleaning all Air Filters
  & Cleaners
• Making any Air-Balancing Adjustments
• Setting Programmable Thermostats to the
  Correct Time of Day
• Adjusting Thermostat Programming 
  Schedules (At Your Request)
• Checking for Roof Leaks & Signs of Pests
  in the Attic
• Checking Air Handler & Duct Work for Mold
• Checking Ductwork for Air Leaks
• Replacing Necessary Belts
• Checking the Condition Of Your Contactor
• Replacing Ultraviolet Germicidal Bulbs (If Applicable)

If you like, we can even perform a LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) test and have a third-party organization certify that your A/C equipment is operating at its optimal SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating.

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